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Anabela (Djogani) is ex-member of the Serbian dance/pop duo ‘Funky G‘. Since 2010 she continue the music career as solo artist. We hope that you can agree with us… Anabela is the hottest chick (sexiest girl) at the Balkans. So, what’s your opinion about Anabela? 😉 Is she maybe even… the hottest and sexiest girl […]

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If you are interested when did Alexander the Great became King of Macedonia, the answer follows… Alexander III of Macedon, popularly known as Alexander the Great, succeeded his father Philip II of Macedon to the throne in 336 BC. He reigned from 336-323 BC. So, the year when Alexander the Great became King of Macedonia […]

The acronym ADLF stands for Alex De La Force. Alex De La Force is Macedonian DJ, music producer, remixer, composer and songwriter. Aside from his stage name, Alex also use ADLF (or A.D.L.F.) abbreviation to promote his DJ gigs, mixes, events, etc. For more info about ADLF and his work check out his website […]

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