The Cortex Cerebri project was conceived to be a new free knowledge center, an human knowledge sharing website.
It is a kind of knowledge base with articles, descriptions, terms, words, images, phrases and many other information that are hard to find anywhere at Internet.
A place for getting knowledge on topics like: art, music, geography, history, biology, medicine, science, Internet, sports…

Cortex Cerebri was launched in December 2009 by a team who’s in blogging/Internet since 1990s, have excellent writing skills, and refined sense for web/blog design.
The articles tend to be useful and comprehensive.
This project is part of Cortex Cerebri Network.

Besides the useful articles, Cortex Cerebri also offers Internet related services.

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About Cortex Cerebri

Cortex Cerebri is free knowledge base, an human knowledge sharing website.
Sharing articles, descriptions, terms, images, phrases and other hard to find information at Internet.
Knowledge is power.

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