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Nikola Nemesevic-Nemes is participant at the Serbian “Big Brother” TV reality show (Veliki Brat 2011: Srbija/Ex-Yugoslavia (Veliki Brat 4/VB4)). During the show, his song “Znam Taj Smesak” (I Know That Smile) was presented for several times. Song Info: Nemes – Znam Taj Smesak Some info related to the song… Music & Lyrics: Nemesh (Nikola Nemeshevic) […]

“We Love Going To Clubs, We Love Playing Records, We Love Staying Up Late, We Love House.” Those are the lyrics from the house music track ‘We Love House’ produced by the Serbian electronic music producers Dave Floyd & Pookie. ‘We Love House (Original Mix)’ song is part of ‘We Love House EP’ (together with […]

‘Ucam Od Najdobriot‘ (I Learn From The Best) is the latest song (March 2011) of Magdalena Cvetkoska – Ena, Macedonian female pop music singer and songwriter. The lyrics of the song are by Magdalena Cvetkoska, the music by Lazar Cvetkoski. Below you can check out the official video, and lyrics (text/tekst) of the song. Magdalena […]

‘Od Denes‘ (From Today) is the latest song of the Macedonian pop/rock music singer Daniela Dani Dimitrovska. The single is part of her upcoming album ‘Vo Medjuvreme‘ (In The Meantime). Below you can find the lyrics (text/tekst) and video of ‘Od Denes’. Daniela Dimitrovska-Dani – Od Denes – Lyrics Daniela Dimitrovska-Dani – Od Denes Od […]

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